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With extensive knowledge in the soft commodity space including wheat, barley, canola, sorghum, corn, sugar, fodder and forage, Basis Commodities provide specialist services from commodity procurement, brokerage, consultancy, agency and insurance to logistics, trading and merchandising. With a trusted global network of clients and partners, we work with your business to provide value adding solutions.

Our Services

Grains & Animal Feed Procurement

Basis Commodities specialises in securing competitive fit for purpose raw materials for global food and feed markets as well as new and emerging niche markets including alcohol, ethanol and biodiesel production. Our knowledge, industry experience and global connections allows us to identify and provide cost-effective solutions to our clients across grains, oilseeds, niche feed and fodder.

Agribusiness Consultancy and Agency

The Basis Commodities team has worked across all parts of the agricultural supply chain including grain production, logistics, storage and handling, grain marketing, business operations, container packing, agri finance and ocean freight export. We harness this experience to provide insight, project management assistance, business development opportunities and market access across our global network.

Ocean Freight and Marine Insurance

Our knowledge of and network within the ocean freight and insurance sectors provides clients with efficient, time saving and cost-effective export opportunities. This coupled with our local networks of grain suppliers, we can facilitate the entire process from procurement to delivery at final destination.

Global Grain Trading and Merchandising

With over 60 years combined knowledge and experience gained working across the agricultural supply chain for companies large and small, the Basis Commodities team empowers clients with tried and trusted approaches to harnessing global grain trading, broking, merchandising and opportunities.

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