Why Choose Us

Our tried and tested plug in and play business model allows us to hit the ground running from day one. This model has moved millions of tonnes of grain since business inception in 2014 and assisted multiple companies across the world save time and achieve business goals with our analytical, execution and personnel support.

Our understanding of global grain supply and demand and how various futures markets and physical cash markets react at different times of the year, and relative to each other, is key to the analysis and service offering Basis Commodities provides our clients. We are independent and unbiased with a track record of creating solutions that add real value to our clients’ businesses.

The combination of our extensive global network, experience within the soft commodity industry and subsequent expertise across the grain supply chain empowers our clients to identify and capitalise on opportunities for business improvement and revenue growth.

At Basis Commodities, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional in our approach. Delivering on our promises and our client’s satisfaction are the keys to our success.

Our Values

How We Can Help

We’ve assisted clients to achieve their goals all over the world. From growing existing operations, expanding into new markets to revamping the businesses entire strategic direction and risk management strategies, we’ll work with you to ensure you meet business targets. 


Creating value through cooperation

Basis Commodities assisted one of its clients to generate extra value from its existing operations by assisting in the sale of DDGS – Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles – to a new client. Elias Azar, the General Manager of our Dubai office, advised on the execution and sales process. “This sale, the first of many we hope, symbolises how we co-operate with our clients to deliver value to them. We listened to our clients challenge and then sought out and implement this opportunity for them to add value to their business,” said Elias.

Basis Commodities

Creating value through knowledge and experience

The team at Basis Commodities have over 60 years of management experience and knowledge to share with clients. We have been working with one client for a number of years assisting them to build their grain trading activities. We created value through identifying areas for process improvement and immersing ourselves in the management team in a risk management advisory capacity. With the clients trading activities well established, we continue to deliver value in a mentoring capacity.

As their Head of Commodities commented “We found Basis Commodities to be a collaborative partner that has worked with us on developing new trading opportunities and providing creative solutions around procurement that have had a positive impact for our business”.

Basis Commodities

Creating value through networks

Basis Commodities also works pragmatically with its clients to create value for their operations. One client faced significant supply challenges as the Australian drought took hold. We worked with the client and our associate global network to identify a competitive and reliable alternative supplier in the UK and helped them implement a seamless shift in supply operations.

Basis Commodities Supply Chain

Creating value through the grain supply chain

Basis Commodities has been working with one of its clients since 2015 to identify and capture additional value through costs savings in the grain supply chain. Initially, we sat down with the client and identified areas we thought offered opportunities for cost savings not traditionally identified by manufacturers. We then worked on an implementation plan that ensured they were comfortable with the risks associated with the changes and then helped them implement those changes. The client is now able to negotiate and control their own ocean freight and we are now working with them on other projects which will allow them to procure products closer to the farm gate.

As the COO commented “We engaged Basis Commodities to review our supply chain from Australia and identify and implement opportunities for improving our procurement task. Not only did they work with us on restructuring our approach to suppliers they have taken an effective role in helping us to develop new ways of managing the risk associated with the supply of raw materials”

Basis Commodities

Creating value through ocean freight co-shipment

Basis Commodities recently created significant value for two of its clients in the Middle East by combining their Australian wheat export requirements. Chris Whitwell, Basis Commodities Founder and Managing Director says, “We were really pleased with how we were able to manage the process and create value for both our customers in a sustainable way by allowing them to share the freight savings associated with a bigger vessel than they both needed on their own.”

We hope this is the first of many co-shipment opportunities we can put together for our clients.

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