GrainCOM 2022 – Geneva 17-19 May

By Basis Commodities | June 23, 2022

With in-person industry events back on the cards, it was the promise of a conference committed to looking forward and to addressing a range of topics important to the industry currently that saw our Chris Whitwell on a plane to Geneva for GrainCOM 2022. As you would expect, a key focus was the impact the…

Australia’s Logistical Challenges

By Basis Commodities | March 29, 2022

The 2021/22 harvest is behind us and now comes the task of moving this record crop to its destination, whether that be to domestic end users or via the export pathway. We knew logistics would be strained given the sheer size of the Australian crop, however this has been exacerbated by the added pressure of mother nature.

The Middle East Drought, War in Ukraine and Food Security

By Basis Commodities | March 23, 2022

With countries that are commonly relied upon to supply wheat to the world experiencing droughts, political unrest, export caps, tariffs, and war, an already tight grains balance sheet seems to be getting tighter and supply problems are mounting. Is this higher priced environment set to last longer than three to six months? And how will this impact how the Middle East approach their food security needs into the future?

Middle Eastern Trade – Relationships and Culture

By Basis Commodities | February 8, 2022

In October 2020, it was estimated the total urban population in the Middle East was 65% of the total regional population, 10% above the global average of 55% and continuing to grow at an average of 2% per annum. Urbanisation often leads to increased access to economic, and social benefits as well as increased food…

From Milling to Feed – the Downgraded Australian Wheat Crop

By Basis Commodities | December 22, 2021

The 2021/22 Australian harvest was set to be a bumper in terms of quality and quantity until La Niña reared its head and changed the game for many farmers on the east coast of Australia, and in turn, the global milling wheat balance sheet.

Container vs Bulk Export – where are we headed?

By Basis Commodities | October 27, 2021

The movement of grain between countries around the world in bulk vessels has been a significant method of conveyance for centuries. However, while filling a bulk vessel with 60,000MT has been the preference for major exporters, the last twenty years has seen the movement of grain in containers become more prevalent. In the early 2000’s…

Managing the Complexities of Supply Chains into Niche Markets.

By Basis Commodities | September 17, 2021

Managing the soft commodity supply chain can be a challenging job, with many moving parts and multiple opportunities for delays. Managing the supply chain while developing a new trade-flow adds an extra level of complexity and pressure.. So what’s the best way to manage the process from start to finish?

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